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Big Sexy Disc Golf Pin Set - Sexton and Koling

Big Sexy Disc Golf Pin Set - Sexton and Koling

$19.99 $21.99

Our favorite Big Sexy commentary duo - Jeremy Koling Disc Golf Pin & Nate Sexton Disc Golf Pin! A portion of the proceeds from every sale of these high quality pins goes directly to Big Jerm & Nate Sexton to support their touring season. 

  • 2 Hard enamel metal pins
  • Gun metal color surface with a glossy finish
  • Limited Edition
  • Double Black Rubber clutch backing
  • Measurements: 1.7"

  • LOCKING: Get a set of locking metal backers to keep your pins safe and secure on your bag! These click into place on the metal pin post and will not fall off or come loose. To release the backer, hold the smaller end with one hand and the larger bottom with the other and pull on the small end. This will release the backer from the pin post. YOU WILL RECEIVE BOTH - LOCKING AND RUBBER WHEN YOU PURCHASE LOCKING BACKERS.

    RUBBER: Rubber backers are great for clothing and hats. With the rubber post backers, you'll be able to comfortably wear your Disc Golf pins on your shirt, hat, and etc.