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Crazy Caddy PRO Disc Golf Game - Keychain

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Introducing the Crazy Caddy PRO Disc Golf Game!

We are excited to introduce a new version of our unique disc golf game brought to you by Disc Golf Pins - Crazy Caddy PRO. It's a fun new way to play disc golf with your friends and family but with more fun options than the original Crazy Caddy. Simply spin the arrow and let the Crazy Caddy PRO choose the way you play!

- Keychain dimensions: 2.75" x 2.2" 
- High quality metal spinner
- Keychain attaches securely with the included carabiner
- Fun for friends and family
- 12 spinner options
- Lots of different ways to play!


Here's a quick overview for how to play each wedge on the Crazy Caddy PRO:

YOUR CHOICE: This is one of the best wedges to land on. It's open play so throw whatever you'd like, anyway that you'd like. No limitations.

PUTTER FOREHAND: You can only throw a putter with a forehand throw.

THROW 2 USE BEST: Throw two discs from your current lie or off the tee and use the best lie from those two throws.

THUMBER: You can only throw a thumber.

BACKHAND ROLLER: You can only throw a backhand roller.

TOMAHAWK: You can only throw a tomahawk. 

PATENT PENDING: Throw with your back to the target.

THROW 2 USE WORST: Throw two discs from your current lie or off the tee and use the worst lie from those two throws.

FOREHAND ROLLER: You can only throw forehand roller. Yes, even when putting! If your disc doesn't roll, rethrow from your lie 

OPPOSITE HAND: Okay... this is the WORST. You can only throw with your opposite hand. If you're ambidextrous, let your opponent choose which hand you throw with. . 

SKIP SHOT: Your disc must hit the ground and skip. If it does NOT hit the ground, you will rethrow from your lie until your disc hits the ground and skips. 

OPPONENT PICKS: Pick a person that you are playing with to choose your disc for your next throw. 


Crazy Caddy - Simple Play

Welcome to Crazy Caddy PRO! Simple Play is the most basic way to play Crazy Caddy. Once you reach your first tee pad, choose one person in your group to spin the arrow.  (Rock, Paper, Scissors is the best way to decide!) Spin the arrow! Which ever wedge the arrow points to is how the whole group plays that hole. (See instructions above for how to play each wedge) Once you complete that hole, spin again on the next hole to see how you and your group play that hole and so on. 

For example: If you spin for the group on Hole 1 and it lands on THUMBER, each player in the group throws a thumber and they can only use that throw to play that hole. After you've completed Hole 1, move on to Hole 2 and spin again. If it lands on TOMAHAWK, each person in the group must throw a TOMAHAWK and only use that throw on Hole 2 (even when putting). 

Group Spin

Each player will take a spin on the Crazy Caddy PRO at the beginning of each hole. Which ever wedge each player lands on is how that player has to play out the entire hole. 

For example: If you spin and it lands on SKIP SHOT, you will have to play out the hole throwing skip shots - even putting! If your opponent lands on FOREHAND ROLLER, they will throw with only

Mess With Your Friends

Take the "Group Spin" rules BUT add an evil twist! Whomever is first to tee (Player 1) spins the arrow. Then Player 2 (the person who is next in line to tee after Player 1) moves the arrow one spot to the right or left on the spinner for Player 1. Player 1 must play whatever Player 2 chooses. It's up to Player 2 which way they turn the arrow so you all can really mess with each other! Let each player spin and the person after them chooses their throw. After the last person spins, Player 1 will choose for the last person. Be mean, it makes it more fun! 

Keep Spinning!

Use the rules from "Group Spin" but spin before every single throw. Follow the rules for each wedge. 

Buddy Wedges

Each wedge on the spinner has a buddy wedge directly across from it. In this game, spin the arrow and then play what the arrow lands on AND the wedge directly across from it. You can choose if you spin once per hole, per person, or for every shot. 

Make Up Your Own Game

Make up your own rules and play any way that you'd like! If you want to play doubles and spin for each other's partners, do it. If you want to use the Crazy Caddy on every other hole, that works too. Buddy spins, kids spin, dog spins... Do your own thing and have fun!

LOCKING: Get a set of locking metal backers to keep your pins safe and secure on your bag! These click into place on the metal pin post and will not fall off or come loose. To release the backer, hold the smaller end with one hand and the larger bottom with the other and pull on the small end. This will release the backer from the pin post. YOU WILL RECEIVE BOTH - LOCKING AND METAL BUTTERFLY WHEN YOU PURCHASE LOCKING BACKERS.

Metal Butterfly: Butterfly backers are great for clothing and hats. With the metal butterfly post clutches, you'll be able to comfortably wear your Disc Golf pins on your shirt, hat, and etc.