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Ice Bowl 2020 Event Disc Golf Pin

Ice Bowl 2020 Event Disc Golf Pin


IMPORTANT PRE-ORDER NOTICE - Order before Feb. 4th to arrive in time for any events after MARCH 15. (Preordered pins will arrive 3-4 weeks after ordering.) 

We're so excited to offer these 2020 Ice Bowl Disc Golf Pins at a very discounted rate for your events! Purchase them for your players packs, CTPs, prizes, volunteer gifts, etc. Or sell them at your event to help raise funds for your charity! Resell the pins at $10 each and you'll be able to raise money for your charity quickly.

  • Hard enamel metal pin
  • Gun metal color surface with a glossy finish
  • 2020 Limited Edition
  • Double metal clutch backing
  • Measurements: 1.7"

    Generally we need about 3-4 weeks before your event to make and ship the pins. Please email if you have any concerns about timing, we'd be happy to work all the details. 
  • LOCKING: Get a set of locking metal backers to keep your pins safe and secure on your bag! These click into place on the metal pin post and will not fall off or come loose. To release the backer, hold the smaller end with one hand and the larger bottom with the other and pull on the small end. This will release the backer from the pin post. YOU WILL RECEIVE BOTH - LOCKING AND RUBBER WHEN YOU PURCHASE LOCKING BACKERS.

    RUBBER: Rubber backers are great for clothing and hats. With the rubber post backers, you'll be able to comfortably wear your Disc Golf pins on your shirt, hat, and etc.